Management team


CEO Shunichi Takeya
Managing Director Kazuhiro Toshino, Head of Product Logistic Division
Managing Director Kazuhiro Towata, Head of Sales Operations Division
Managing Director Hidekazu Tamura, Director of Global Business Division
Director Minoru Kashiwara, Manager of Agricultural Products Department
External Director Masato Hikita
External Director Motofumi Goto
External Director Takayuki Matsumoto
External Company Auditor Yasufumi Kaneda

Executive officer

Executive Officer Fusao Higuchi, Manager of Sapporo Sale Office
Executive Officer Shingo Ohono, Manager of Products Division
Executive Officer Tatsuo Higuchi, Manager of Feed and Fertilizer Material Supervisory Department & Manager of Tokyo Branch
Executive Officer Ryohei Takehara, Manager of Gardening Department
Executive Officer Takahiro Sumiyoshi, General Manager

Company Profile(PDF)