Message from CEO

Our company is a wholesale trading company which trade mainly with agricultural fertilizer, home gardening supllies, feed and fertilizer raw materials.
From 1996 to 2010, with an eye to the future, 8 companies and one external department teamed up and formed our group company.
Furthermore during that time, centered at our company, we established a new subsidiary (Sun and Hope Co., Ltd.) as a voluntary sector to manufacture mainly fertilizer, and this is the first factory in Japan that built for severe intellectual disability employment.
As the result, in Japan our company is top class in organic fertilizer wholesale, almost top class in home gardening supplies wholesale and in category of feed and fertilizer raw materials, and our company is top class in wholesale of fish meal.
So far, our company has department handling soybean for food and working in manufacturing of tofu.
We also have one of Japanese leading company in agricultural technology (Jaht Co., Ltd.) and fertilizer manufacturing factory (Sun and Hope Co., Ltd.) as our subsidiaries, which made us a very unique non-family-owned company in this specific genre.
In this way, with support from a lot of customers and suppliers in very wide range, our group company has each department standing at the leader position of each field with high expertise.
Our company and group subsidiaries can be represented by various keywords like [Food] [Healing] [Agriculture] [Safe, Ease] which means our company a gold mine.
Now, we are trying to rally these treasures as a whole, create new combination and framework, by that reorganize ourselves into a new business structure and function to unleash the power of group by "Total Power" of the company.
E-commerce business and agricultural development business in China are the part of these restructuring.

Through these initiatives, over the next few years from now, we aim to make an Initial Public Offering (IPO) as new Nichiryunagase to prove our company value in our society.

Please stay tuned to Nichiryunagase group from now on.

CEO Shunichi Takeya

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