Fertilizer products

Sell fertilizer products which are used by farmer

Selling fertilizer product of domestic maker.
Import, wholesale and retail product of oversea marker.
Manufacture and sell our company product through OEM.
Sell agricultural chemicals and materials to producer.

As our motto, we try to catch up the demands of producers fastly, deeply and create our products

We have 6 sale offices in Kyushu, 1 sale office in Osaka to promote our sale activities from Tohoku area to Shikoku, Kyushu area.
Our main clients are JA company and fertilizer store. We also trade with some producers.
From the establishment of a business, we keep stick to organic fertilizer to grow delicious and safe products.

Products Organic raw materials
Compound fertilizers
Soil improvers
Special foliar spray agents
Gardening soil materials
Main clients Seiwa Fertilizer Ind. Co., Ltd.
Interfarm Co., Ltd.
Nittofc Co., Ltd.
Related company Jaht Co., Ltd.

Supply high quality fertilizers

We want to become a bridge between farmer and customer with the motto of connect the trust of food (safe and ease) through high quality fertilizer.
By that we contribute to provide more delicious and safe food and try to make consumer and producer happier.

Main products


Kanjuku Tokusen



Organic paddy rice ippatsu