Flower materials

Flower materials

Propose everything related to anything about cut flower

We sell materials to decorate flower like ribbon, wrapping paper, vase, basket which you often see in flower shop or wedding hall

Gift materials

We sell other products like preserved flower or artificial flower.
We can ship our products speedy from the biggest distribution center in Kyushu.
We deliver materials that match with your precious scenes like when you send gift to your important person.

Products Floral foam
Ribbon wrapping
Preserved flower
Artificial flower
Number of item more than 100,000
Main clients Flower shop
Funeral hall
Wedding hall

Flower shop Hananokura

We have various products from Preserved flowers, artificial flowers, vase, miscellaneous goods.
We are looking forward to your visit.
1-93 Shirouzugaoka, Kasuga City , Fukuoka 816-0845
Tel: +81-92-588-5564
Fax: +81-92-588-5585
Business hour: 10:00 to 18:00
Shop closed day: Second Tuesday,Fourth Tuesday
※During the end and new year,
business hour and shop closed day would be changed.

Main Product

Floral foam


Wrapping paper


Cut flower life-prolonging material

General gardening plants

We propose products matched with four seasons

We propose seasonal gardening plants throughout the year.
From flower bed seeding to luxury gift, we deliver peace and healing to the heart of people, from that helping create rich living environment.

Best product proposal in the industry

We propose product precisely match the various demands.
We propose various original products from cut flower to gardening plants.

Products Flower bed seedling
Vegetable seedling
Seasonal Gardening plant
Cut flower
General flower Gift
Number of item About 2,000
Main clients DIY
Mail order company
Food super market

From production to supplying product

We cooperate with domestic producers to make production plan for supplying fresh product.

We try to create products that meet the needs of our customers.

Main product

Ikebana arrangement

Preserved flower

Gardening plant

Various cut flower