Global business

Promote the business with the slogan "Made By Japan" as manufacture in countries, sell in countries

Expand business mainly to China and South East Asia to promote total agricultural business with our know-how, technique, standard and agricultural materials.
We produce generally from logistic to processing and sale.

Office building of Qingdao Jaht Agriculture Development Co.,Ltd.

Aim development and self-independence of foreign farmer

By brand sale promotion, we aim to establish Japanese cultivation style in countries. We target stable supplying of high quality and safe product, from that increase income of farmer, contribute to the development of agriculture and support the activation and self independence of rural area.
We started [Chinese agriculture development project ] in 2011. Following year we succeeded in the strawberries cultivation experiment.
Started demonstrative cultivation included distribution verification from 2013.
In 2013 established the first global office in Qingdao.
Started promoting real global expansion.
Sales of "Best kenting" brand strawberries from January 2014
Established Qingdao Jaht Agriculture Development Co.,Ltd., a joint venture in Shandong Province in November 2014.
2016 "Qingdao Jaht Agriculture Development Co.,Ltd." Established its first own sample farm and introduced a high-jatte system to the same sample farm.
In 2017, sales of Jatte-type high-setting system was started, Shandong Province approx 10,000 square meters for sale
In 2017, it was taught to approximately 30 hectares of farmers, mainly in Shandong province, to sell materials.

Office of Qingdao Jaht Agliculture Development Co.,Ltd.

Jia Ken Self-Social farm

Pot raising

Field guidance

Training sessions

The Nursery

High Strawberry

Strawberry Sales