Fertilizer raw materials

Fertilizer raw materials・Industrial urea・Chemical raw material

Procure, store and sell materials from domestic and overseas

Procure, store and sell materials from domestic and overseas. We import about 50,000 tons of material a year by big size cargo charter or container vessels and develop nationwide logistic base from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south in order to supply stably to customer all around Japan.
Related to import business we don't rely on local trading company but we trade directly with foreign manufacturer.
We execute inspection and refill work in the warehouse to manage the quality before selling to customer.
Our strong point is that we have the structure to distribute and sell high quality product smoothly to designated location at designated time.

Main partner,Supplier,Product

We sell inorganic raw materials as high quality material to chemical fertilizer manufacturers and BB fertilizer manufacturers.
We sell organic raw materials (vegetable matter/ animal matter) using in organic farming to compound fertilizer manufacturer and chemical fertilizer manufacturer.
On the other hand we also sell to trading company, wholesaler. We also sell from retail shop to farmer and home center.
About inorganic chemical raw material, we sell introgen-based inorganic raw materials as general industrial material (industrial water purification, industrial fumes purification, snow melting agent, housing adhesive material and thermal insulation material etc).
We also sell materials for special industrial purpose (automobile fumes, waste incinerator fumes purification)

Products Urea,ammonium phosphate,potassium,steamed
bone meal,steamed leather meal,feather meal,rapeseed meal,camellia oil cake
Product type All organic, inorganic fertilizer raw materials
Main clients Asahikogyo Ltd.
Seiwa Fertilizer Industry Co., Ltd.
Nittofc Co., Ltd.
Fukuei fertilizer Co., Ltd.
Various industrial chemical manufacturers
Related service Industrial inorganic raw materials, decorative feathers

Check by eye to supply only safe and reliable product

We supply safe raw fertilizer material with reasonable price but high quality so that customer can use with confidence.
By that, fertilizer manufacturer can supply inexpensive product to farmer, and farmer can supply inexpensive crop to customer.
Cooperate with fertilizer manufacturers, we keep supplying safe and reliable product to farmer and consumer.

Main product

Prill urea

Ammonium phosphate

Potassium chloride red powder

Potassium sulfate powder

Granular urea
(For nitrogen on the leaf of plant)

Triple superphosphate
(For phosphoric acid or the fruit and flower)

Potassium chloride red grain
(For potassium or the roots of plant)

Potassium sulfate particles
(For potassium or the roots of plant)

Granular rapeseed meal

For organic farming

Feather meal

Camellia oil cake

Rapeseed meal

Steamed bone meal

Steamed leather meal(Black color)