CSR Activity Policy

CSR thinking way

We, Nichiryunagase Group, aim to be 「No.1 reliable company in supporting food and healing」.
Based on the 5 management philosophies below:

Be the most required and dependable company
Be the company nurtures the challenge to build the future
Be the company takes care of steady effort
Be the company full of excitement and enthusiasm
Be the company which is proud of employees

each of our employee will be a good corporate citizen who belongs to the local community, and through business activities, contribute to the continuous development of society positively.

Basic policy

To become a valuable company which is trusted, chosen by society, based on regulatory compliance, we strengthen initiatives that create and maintain of high transparency management and organization structure.
We belive the cornerstones of corporate management are defining compliance, risk management, ethics, information management in group-wide action guideline, as well as achieving the satisfaction of all stakeholders with permanently expansion in corporate value.