Message from CEO

Hammer out a midterm business plan, And building a strong company with sharing our purpose and will!.

[ Change individual strength to the overall capabilities. the keyword is IPO to step the next stage. ]

Our company has been combining more than 10 companies with development.The strength of our company is based on each company's feature, expertise and advanced knowledge.
We have reorganized company officially to make use of our strength.At the time, we've made the five department system which includes Sales Department,
Overseas Department, Merchandise Department, Logistics Department and Administration Department with new start of the company.
Otherwise, even though our company is in the preparation phase of IPO, it is coming closer to reality.
We have been seen next stage of our company cause of the result of our effort which has been considering about listing.

[ To expand overseas market by using high reliability of Japanese brand. ]

In July 2015, We had grateful occasion to develop our business.Johnson Trading Company, Limited which is mainly sales and supply pet products.
We have been focusing on international markets, especially Japanese brands of attention to expand pet products market of our area aggressively.In Taipei, We are establishing a branch. In the future, we are planning to develop the most of Asian market such as China, Thai, Malaysia and so on.
And we will develop market in the world more and more.Activities of expanding oversea business, We have a local corporation which is 100% of accounting capital and a joint corporation which is doing Agriculture business in China.

We are strengthening profitability combining with Internet business otherwise, In Japan, we are on recycle business that Vegetable waste while cooking change to Hybrid fertilizer.
We have been storing our successful cases by having systems from fertilizer development to verify the products.

[ We wait for a person who can expand business strongly from the stage we are on to the next door. ]

A person who understands owned strength matches with new step of our business.Furthermore, a person who can be a motive force of expanding overseas business is in demand.
Language skill and Experience in Foreign countries are important, but it's not required.We focus on executive ability more than those things.
There is a failure in creating.We are expecting a person who can try to challenges aggressively without thinking about Difficulty and failure.

CEO Shunichi Takeya