Recruiting message


For now, we are on preparation of IPO.
IPO is an important milestone. It is the first step of going up to the next stage.
After IPO, we need to develop our business and Social responsibility is more strict with us.
Our planning of developed company is based on Kyushu to focus on niche market, which is that we are good at. Even though our main business is Fertilizer, Feed raw materials and gardening, the business has relation with Food eventually.

We have been predicting the future of agriculture, so we started Agriculture business in China in Aging Society.

Our company aggressively tries to new challenges such as E-commerce with becoming standard to use the Internet.

There is an environment that could grow as a person as you could look at view of the world.Fukuoka is the closest city from East Asia in Japan.

The company has employees come from overseas.They are growing their global mind as communicating with co-workers who have another culture and thinking.
For those who will join in our company, getting abilities to be able to see a wide range of things through their jobs and make your possibility for your future yourself.

General Manager
Takahiro Sumiyoshi

Ideal candidate

People who can create their strength by their own

Your strength can be anything as long as you are better than others in that field. For example, you talk a lot, or you sing very well, or you can drink more than others.

People who would work with the mind of "want to try anything"

We hope, rather than aiming to become a specialist at one specialize area, you will try to get wide range of skills and knowledge crossing various fields, so that become to be a person who can overlook the whole business picture with a wide field of view.