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"Agricultural Project in China" News second issue

"Agricultural Project in China at 2014" overview

"Agricultural Project in China" is the most important new business in Global Business Division of our company. Our company, the experimental cultivation of strawberries went to 2013. As a result, in earnest to expand the cultivation farmland, it offers a safe and delicious strawberry that was produced in Japan of technology to consumers.

In addition, at the request of "Shandong Anxin farm", began the guidance for house cultivation of tomatoes from the current fiscal year.

Global Business Division Overview

Global Business Division is a division of, planning on new business overseas, the development of products, establishment, management and guidance of overseas subsidiaries.
The main business of 2014 is as follows.

(1)In comparison with 2013, the scale on the cultivation and guidance of "Agricultural Project in China"
  to 5 times larger
(2)Chinese and Japanese joint venture "QINDAO JIAKEN AGRICULTURAL SERVICE CO., LTD."
(3)Study and planning of sales promotion in China Zhejiang Hangzhou companies.
(4)Conclusion of cooperation agreement with China Shandong Linyi University.
(5)Commodity research and development of fertilizer and feed raw materials in China.
(6)Survey the agriculture of current situation in Singapore and Malaysia.

The implementation status on "Agricultural Project in China" of 2014

Map of strawberry cultivation on Shandong China of 2014
Strawberry plantation Strawberry nursery areas

Item Achievements of 2013
Achievements of 2014
Forcast of 2015
Seedling cultivation stock 180,000 400,000 1,000,000
Growing area a 170 830 2,000

April-September Open field nursery

Pot seedling

September The collected seedlings

Seedlings to each cultivation base

September seedling planting guidance

Seedling survival and breeding situation

Octorbar Technical guidance in the field

Three-dimensional cultivation

Octorbar - November Bloom strawberry flowers

December Harvest of strawberries

Strawberry harvest and packaging

Sold in department stores and supermarkets